We Bought A House!!

Big news, y’all! We bought a house! Before I dive into the details of how we managed to find a house during a nationwide house shortage, here’s a brief overview: A friend of ours mentioned to us that a mutual friend was planning to build a house and sell his current  house, which happens to [...]

Bent Tree Remodel

Hey, hey! Y'all prepare yourselves for an amazing transformation! Before I go into all the deats from this remodel, feast your beady little eyes on this after pic and scroll down for the before. One of my favorite things about being a designer is the relationship I develop with my clients. I didn't know this [...]

Monterey Spaghetti the Perfect Pandemic Meatless Meal

Almost 15 years ago, our oldest child was born. I was completely overwhelmed by motherhood and my adorably grumpy baby. My precious friend brought me Monterey Spaghetti and it made my new-Mommy angst disappear for at least fifteen glorious minutes. Fast forward to 2007. My baby was sleeping through the night like a champ and [...]

Light and Airy Master Bedroom Redesign for The Thorpe Family

Light and Airy Master Bedroom Redesign for The Thorpe Family

When my dear friend, Catherine, came to me and asked me to help her with her master bedroom, I immediately said yes. Catherine's home is absolutely lovely, but like most of us, she'd put off decorating her master bedroom in favor of taking care of other areas of the house. We worked together remotely for [...]