Our Kitchen Renovation, Part Two

Hey y’all! We’re trucking along on our kitchen reno. You can read about part one of our renovation here. By way of review, this is what we’ve done so far:

  • Removed the backsplash (and the sheetrock that it was adhered to!) 
  • Removed a large bank of cabinets that was sitting on the counter and using up too much of my counter space
  • Hired an electrician to replace all the plugs and bring them up to code
  • Hired an electrician to update all the can lights and add one new one
My hubs taking down cabinets that we plan to replace with open shelving.

I’m so happy to say that we can check several of the above things off our list! Over the last few weeks we’ve:

  • re-installed the sheetrock in order to replace the backsplash
  • ordered new quartz countertops and subway tile backsplash
  • ordered new sink and faucet
  • scheduled and oversaw installation of countertops, backsplash and sink
Buh-bye formica countertops!

Our countertop installers were scheduled to arrive around 8:30 the morning of the install. We woke up early and made sure that the kids had all eaten and gotten out of the kitchen in order to give the installers plenty of time to work. Five hours later, our install crew arrived. Help me, Rhonda. During that time, Justin removed all the countertops himself, which saved us a little money. This is not our first renovation, so we’re familiar with having to wait on installers and etc. Buuuuuut, I have to say, we’d both forgotten how stressful it is when someone is that late. To complicate things further, the install was scheduled for the same day as our oldest son’s very first homecoming dance. Not only were we trying to get him ready, we’d also invited some of his buddies over after the dance to hang at our house. We would not normally plan to host a group of teenagers on the same day as our countertop install, but that’s the way it worked out this time around and we all learned from it.

New countertops and backsplash make a HUGE difference!

The installers came back the next morning and finished up and we were so happy with the result. Since then, Justin has put the face-plates back on the outlets and re-installed the vent-hood over the stove.

You see those two little stools? My sister got us four of those as a wedding gift sixteen years ago and they’ve been in every place we’ve lived. Our kitchen did not have a bar previously, so we added a twelve inch overhang when we had the counters cut. This is our third house, and we had a bar in each of the kitchens in our previous two houses. It has been so lovely to have bar space again! The twins have pretty much taken over those two stools and sit there and chat with me as I wash dishes and prepare meals. I love having my kiddos close by when I’m cooking, but I don’t always love having them underfoot, so the bar provides the perfect compromise.

We’re planning to finish up our little renovation of the next week or two. We have just a few things left to do:

  • Build and install open shelves to replace the bank of upper cabinets that were removed
  • Build and install shelves to replace an unused desk area directly behind the sink
  • Paint the ceiling…this little job was made necessary by an overzealous bottle of kombucha that exploded all over my kitchen. 
  • Paint the wall behind the open shelves.

It’s so fun having you all follow along with us and truly care about our project. I’ll keep you updated as we add the finishing touches to our kitchen!

3 thoughts on “Our Kitchen Renovation, Part Two

  1. Wow! I love the updates! You have done an awesome job. Love the light color you selected. Also love the little eat at space created! So pretty! Can’t wait to see further updates.


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